Building an effective cybersecurity team requires gaining experience. We’ll help get you there.

Real-world Scenarios

Our customized content simulates and trains to real-world, advanced network attacks. Trainees gain experience on near-to-spec networks and best-of-class tools

Individual and Team

Analysts can train “Automating Detection with Python” individually or respond to a “Cobalt Group Financial Network Compromise” as a team. Our content is practical and comprehensive

Technical Walkthroughs

We create academic material that leads trainees to the water. If you aren’t challenging an assessment then you’re learning a new skill with the help of our step-by-step guides

Skill Assessments

Resolvn content blocks train specific skills, abilities, and knowledge across various cybersecurity work roles. Trainee mastery is measurable through each platform our content is offered on




  • Developed for U.S. Navy and Joint Force Cyber Protection Teams (CPT)
  • Near-to-spec Network Operations Center virtual network
  • Full spectrum attack simulation using APT10 tool suite
  • Challenges include network traffic analysis, SIEM configuration, log enrichment, and host-based forensics
  • Teams have access to best-of-class commercial security tools
  • Abilities, knowledge, and skills are tested across multiple work roles
  • Detection data sources and methods map to Mitre ATT&CK framework

Resolvn content environments cover traffic analysis, red team operations, and everything in between.

Offensive and Defensive Security Methodology

Resolvn trains to both offensive and defensive methodologies including exploitation, threat hunting, and incident response. We train junior SOC analysts and experienced Cyber Operators alike on how to think, ask the right questions, be organized and methodical, and unearth valuable answers

Commercial and Open-source Tool Mastery

Your enterprise security team acquired a new tool. Now what? Resolvn builds range content specifically for developing security tool mastery. We’ll help you operationalize your network traffic analysis, EDR, and SIEM tools no matter the vendor

Technical Workflow Development

Your team should know where to look and what to look for during any defensive security operation. Our academic guides detail standard operating procedures for various scenarios – configuring network sensors, addressing SIEM alerts, conducting network traffic analysis and host-based forensics, enriching logs, and more

Team Dynamics

Resolvn range content addresses arguably the most important part of operationalizing a security team – team dynamics. Through remote or onsite instruction and event moderation, we direct teams to operate together, communicate effectively, deconflict duties, collaborate, organize, and manage time

Executive Reporting

Effective reporting is critical to operational success. Resolvn Simulated Cyber Operations (Sim CyOp) content blocks cover scoping, writing, and forwarding pertinent information to executive leadership. Training objectives span incident response, offensive operations, and stakeholder collaboration

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